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A Summary about Cliff Clark

Clifford Clark has been building homes for more than 27 years.  His projects are numerous, his works diverse. . . custom residences, from 900 to 5,600 square feet, mountain cabins, a church, business offices and specialized structures to meet client needs.


As President of OAK VALLEY, Inc., Clark has designed and constructed over 525 homes in the Tehachapi and surrounding areas.    He is best known for his interest in fulfilling the dreams and needs of home buyers.

Building Green

To build Green doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  Just consider the placement of you home on your lot and the difference it can make.

Here are pictures of the south side of the house, taken at Noon.  You'll see that on December 21st, when the sun is lowest in the sky, the wall has fully illuminated windows so the house captures the maximum BTU's possible:

On March 21st, Spring Equinox, the south windows are partially shaded and by May 2nd, all of the south windows are completely shaded the entire day as the sun rides higher through the sky:

Complete shading will continue through most of the summer:

By September 21st, the shading will be back to the March 21st levels.  Complete illumination will start again in early November:

It's amazing to see how well it works.  It is so nice to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer just by being mindful of the sun!!

Oak Valley

We're currently grading a new lot on Quail Springs.  It's a favorite area of mine.  The property backs up to the Tejon Ranch spread….and a Sierra Club designated trail is said to wind its way up the side of the mountain.  Views are great !!!

Welcome to Oak Valley Inc

We've been busy building homes... and now an online presence as well. We thought it was time to really tell our story, show off our work and let people know what it is really like working with us here at Oak Valley Inc. 

So please, browse around  and read about Cliff Clark, our Process for building great homes and see some of our work and even our available lots as you Start Dreaming about your next home.

We'd love to hear from you!

Please let us know what you think by commenting below and watch for ongoing updates and additions of new homes along the way.