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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're thinking about building a home, you probably have a lot of questions. So here is a list of our most common questions but don't think you need to stop here. We would love to meet with you or get on the phone so feel welcome to call us at (661) 822-5465 or fill out our Contact Us Form and we'll be in touch!

    1. Can we make changes during construction?

    Yes, of course! We're happy to make changes along the way and you can make any that you want as what we call a "change order." If the updated request does cost us anything, there is no additional charge to you. If the change order has additional costs to us, we will make the update at our cost plus 15%.

    2. Can you build exactly what I want?

    That is certainly our goal! We will work with you and your budget to build what you desire - assuming it follows applicable building codes of course.

    3. Can you build on my lot that I already own?

    Yes. Even if there is no water or utility hook ups we can start from raw land and develop it into your dream home!

    4. Can you supply us with references?

    Yes! Our reputation is important to us and we've worked are to build a strong positive one with both prior customers and material suppliers. You can also check out our list of client testimonials here.

    5. Do I have to use a realtor?

    We welcome realtors so if you are already working with one you like please both stop by. You can also just work directly with us if you prefer.

    6. Do we get to pick materials too?

    Yes, absolutely! You get to choose all sorts of materials used including colors, floor coverings, cabinets, fixtures, appliances and a whole lot more - that's the fun part!

    7. Do you have floor plans we can use?

    Yes. We have plans in all shapes and sizes and are happy to sit with you, mark your own needs and requests and modify them until we come up with exactly what you want. And if you don't find something we have to your liking we will gladly have one drawn up.

    8. Do you have lots to build on?

    We do have several lots in Bear Valley Springs to choose from.

    9. Do you provide financing?

    While we don't actually provide funding, we can lead you to trusted financing resources and help guide you through the process. We're also happy to work with any existing lenders you may prefer that issue construction loans.

    10. How long does building a house take?

    This depends on the size and complexity of your home but you can figure about 6 months including the permit process.

    11. How much does it cost per square foot to build?

    There is not a set answer to this question because everyone’s choices are different. All of the materials we use for foundation, framing, etc. are the same high quality. However, there is a difference in cost between, for example, granite countertops and laminate countertops. We will work with you and your choices to keep the costs within your budget.

    12. What do I need to do to start?

    Call Oak Valley, Inc. at 661-822-5465 and set up an appointment to meet with Cliff Clark and he will show you how easy it is to build your own custom home. For more information on the process, please see “THE PROCESS” on this website.