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Homes We've Built

We love building homes! Taking somebody's vision, unique desires, dreams and hopes and constructing it into a place for them to enjoy and build memories. Here are some of the five-hundred homes we've built over the years. Take a look, dream a bit and then let us know when you're ready to build one of your own.

Surrounded by Oaks

When your lot has grand oak trees, granite boulders and views in every direction it's important the house make the most of it...

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Beautiful Decks

Gorgeous views and beautiful weather deserve a place to enjoy them. The unique decks on this home make both the entry way and views something to appreciate.

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Ranch Style Home

A retired couple chose to build their home when they moved to Tehachapi. A beautiful home at 2,026 square feet is just the right size for their grandchildren and steady flow of friends that come to visit!

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Reagan Ranch

This home is designed after Ronald Reagan's home. It is a modest and very comfortable home done in western style.

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